Live webinar for building professionals

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Kelly Penen
Date: 22/10/2019

Live webinar for building professionals

On the 6th of October project partner Kamp C opened their buildings for the general public. Every year this event is a hit. This year Kamp C focused on their 3D concrete printer that will be printing a house in November 2019. 2000 attendees came to have a look at the printer and the other projects of Kamp C, e.g. the SHINE-project.

 On the 4th of October Kamp C organised a sneak preview for building professionals and for partners of the various European projects. A live webinar was organised in order to give everyone the opportunity to follow the latest news on the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe and to discover how this innovative technique can contribute to the renovation process.

 You can discover the webinar here: