Partner meeting in Geel

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Kathleen Leynen
Date: 30/01/2017

Successful partner meeting

On 26 and 27 January, all project partners met in the office buildings of IOK for a partner meeting. Besides successful meetings on administrative matters and discussing the implementation of the various work packages, work visits were also organised.

Visit to Sint-Antoniusplein

On Thursday evening, the partners visited the project of Sint-Antoniusplein of Zonnige Kempen. In this new construction project, the social housing company has realised a low energy building that fully conforms to the existing Zoerle-Parwijs core. During construction, much attention was paid to insulation, realisation of compact buildings and the orientation of the buildings. Further, different techniques were used such as preheated air via a soil pipe and a greenhouse and the use of solar heat via a collector under the asphalt.

Visit to the labs of Thomas More

On Friday, the partners were able to visit Thomas More's laboratories where several smart meters were discussed.