Study trip on hydrogen

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Kelly Penen
Date: 16/10/2019

Study trip on hydrogen

The third study trip as part of the SHINE project took place on 26 September. At the request of the participants, the theme of this study trip was about the possibilities of hydrogen.

We took 39 enthusiastic energy experts, NZE-renovators and residents of the SHINE-districts to the site of Hydrogenics in Oevel. Here we had a visit behind the scenes of the company that is among the world leaders in the development and production of generators that produce hydrogen from green electricity. Hydrogenics has been producing electrolysis systems for leading customers around the world for several decades. Where a few years ago they mainly supplied hydrogen generators for the use of hydrogen in the industry, they now have more and more customers who purchase hydrogen generators for gas stations or for energy storage.

After the tour we were warmly welcomed at Kamp C where Hugo Vandenborre, manager of Solenco Power, told us everything about the options for private individuals. Solenco Power focuses on the development of a storage system for heat and electricity by using hydrogen gas as a storage means: the Solenco Powerbox.

The Powerbox is a smart energy system, the size of a refrigerator. He uses the surplus electricity produced by solar panels and splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is stored as gas in a tank and sent to the Solenco Powerbox when solar panels produce too little energy. The box converts that gas into electricity and heat for heating and sanitary water.

Finally we received an answer to our last questions: “What are the future possibilities for hydrogen? Why has the use of hydrogen not yet taken off? ”Adwin Martens, director of WaterstofNet gave us a clear answer. WaterstofNet develops and realizes - together with industry and governments - projects and roadmaps around sustainable hydrogen for zero-emission transport and energy storage. This with the focus on Flanders and the Netherlands.

Because it was the last study trip in the context of SHINE all participants were treated to a delicious dinner. The efforts of the energy experts were also not forgotten. They took home an original bottle of wine.