Brighton and Hove City Council

BHCC's contribution to Shine

The project will enable BHCC to monitor the effectiveness and performance of their current major works programme in reducing CO2 emissions and lowering fuel costs; as well as providing the opportunity to test and evaluate the effectiveness of a range of new technologies/equipment, the findings of which will feed into decisions about future expenditure as part of their major works and new build programmes. Sitting alongside this strand is a range of tailored, targeted interventions and advice to 250 households to support residents to make sustainable behaviour changes to reduce their CO2 emissions and bring down their fuel costs. BHCC will also set up a citywide resident volunteer network of energy experts, set up resources online and deliver a programme of training and advice drop ins  

"The findings of Shine will feed into decisions about future expenditure as part of major works and new build programmes."
Emma Gilbert

Presentation of the organisation

BHCC is a unitary local authority with both statutory and non-statutory housing duties. They are landlord to 78% of the social housing stock in the city owning 13,500 units of stock (including leaseholder properties) across the city in areas of multiple deprivation. They have a mixed housing stock portfolio in terms of type, age, and construction, including  street based properties (some of which date back to 18th century and fall under conservation regulation), low rise and high rise blocks and purpose built sheltered housing for residents over 55. As a coastal city, climate has a considerable impact on the energy performance of th housing stock , particularly in high rise blocks  and older properties near the seafront. There are very high levels of vulnerability and poverty amongst their tenants so BHCC are putting a considerable focus on improving energy efficiency in order to promote health and wellbeing, reduce fuel poverty and promote social inclusion through resident involvement.