Sint-Niklaas' contribution to Shine

The Shine project contributes to the ambition of the city to reduce CO2 with minimum 20% by 2020 (Covenant of Mayors). The project in Sint-Niklaas is situated in 1 neighbourhood in the centre of the town. This neighbourhood will be ‘The Warmest Neighbourhood’. To assure the bottom-up approach of this project, Sint-Niklaas will set up a volunteers network of energy experts. These volunteers will be trained to be energy experts and help families in their neighbourhood with all kinds of questions concerning energy and renovation.

While the Shine project will create a joint approach on district renovation, Sint-Niklaas will test the approach by offering on the one hand an energy-audit in order to increase the renovation level and on the other hand by offering an energy scan to work on the behavioural change. Renovation towards NZE-level is not obvious. With the support of Kamp C, 10 households will be guided in their renovations.

On the supply side, Sint-Niklaas will organise network moments to increase the knowledge and awareness about new technologies and energy-efficient renovations for building professionals.

"The Shine project contributes to the ambition of the city to reduce CO2 with minimum 20% by 2020."
Marieke De Wever

Presentation of the organisation

Sint-Niklaas is a city in Flanders, with about 76.000 inhabitants. Sint-Niklaas has signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2014 and is therefore engaged to reduce CO2 emissions with minimum 20% by 2020. The local climate action plan goes even further and engages the city to be climate neutral by 2050. The local climate action plan focuses on the bottom-up approach. For more than 10 years, the environmental and housing unit of the organization undertakes action to promote sustainable housing. Sint-Niklaas informs citizens, organizes workshops, gives personal construction advice, gives grants and organizes group purchases, therefore a wide network has been build up.